Lake Munyanyange

LAKE MUNYANYNGE- Home of flamingoes in Uganda

Lake Munyanyange

Uganda has approximately 165 lakes that cover about 18% of the whole country. The seismic actions that happened in the region led to the formation of crater lakes in the region and most lakes are concentrated in the western part of Uganda. Lake Munyanyange is one of the lakes (crater) that poke Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lovers of Africa’s wild spaces, find uniqueness at each place and Queen Elizabeth is no exception. The craters that pockmark the park, the calderas filled with salt lakes, and the savanna expanses here mix to create a mosaic landscape that captures a feeling of a world in a world. When seen from above, it is easy to notice and imagine how violent explosions could have creates these lakes. They are many though in the shadows of the big mammals, tree-climbing lions, chimpanzee, the Kazinga Channel, and hippos and we choose to concentrate on Lake Munyanyange.

Lake Munyanyange in the northeast of Lake Katwe a famous salt lake is a shallow and seasonal crater lake. Just like Lake Nakuru in Kenya, the lesser flamingos make the lake a famous spot in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lake Munyanyange receives migratory birds in the months of August to November from as far as Canada and Kenya.

Lake Munyanyange is an important area for avi tourists who wants to watch migratory birds and birders flock to the area in the months when the migratory birds are around before they depart. It has a concentration of gulls and other waders. The birds that roost the lake find it safe during the rainy season when it is muddy around the lake and can’t be preyed on by the other birds of prey or wild animals.

Most travelers (international and local) don’t think Uganda has flamingos despite seeing them being seasonal. Lake Nakuru took all the fame when it comes to flamingo mentions. Most local travelers are always surprised to see flamingos in Uganda. The concentration of birds at the lake makes it the best spot in Queen Elizabeth National Park for those that would love views with color, want numbers, and who want to enjoy the sporadic calls of birds.

So as not miss these views, most guides end the safari game drives that take place in Kasenyi plains here. There are souvenir shops, washrooms in place, and stalls that sell food and quick foods.   

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