Picking A Company To Book Your Safari Through? What You Need To Know


Travelling is expensive. Whether budget or luxury, travelers spend an amount that is substantial from their hard-earned income. If you plan on visiting some of the countries on the magical continent-Africa, you will need to consult an expert who will give you the most out of your trip. When picking the company to book your safari through, you can get perplexed with the companies your search engine throws at you. 

A lot of questions like “what do I consider? What is the best? Which one do I pick? Will go through your mind. Below are some of what to consider before picking a company to book your safari through. 

  1. The consultant.

Everyone planning a trip (whether first-timer or frequent traveler) needs to work with a well-traveled consultant, has been at the destination, and can relate to his or her needs. A consultant’s work can break or make the whole experience. This will help you have an itinerary that can be executed and is well coordinated to all the destinations that you plan to go to. 

A safari a complicated program and every detail despite how small it is must capture. Constant destination travel by our staff helps us to keep up to date. Therefore we know because we go.

  1. What are the other travelers saying?

Visiting review platforms and reading what previous travelers have experienced with the company makes you make a proper pick. The reviews help you with a clear picture of what you should expect. Look at what first-timers say if you are one and check what the company specializes in. You can view travelers’ reviews for African Rock Safaris on TripAdvisor which is an independent traveler review platform and safari booking engine.

  1. The price. 

This what most travelers’ interest is even before anything. All travelers have a budget that they really would want to stick to. It is always ok to compare prices but you should know what determines the price and also have it that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean best and vice versa. Compare the prices but also compare what is the offer and elements making the package cost that much like the lodging and inclusive. You can pay a little extra for a superb safari. It is better than paying less and get an experience that doesn’t meet your expectations.  

  1. Your interests and travel style.

If you want to get what you want, you need to find a company that offers exactly what you want. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how the company you pick operates, read its terms and conditions. Most companies in Uganda and Rwanda offer a combined package with different experiences. They sell private tours more than scheduled tours. So if you are looking for a gorilla tracking tour, for example, make sure the company will give you exactly that.

  1. The company experience

Travelers need to pick a company that they can trust and put all their faith in. The advice and all information you receive should be honest and true. Most travelers look at how long the company has been around but the most important experience is the personnel at the company because they make the company. Their relationship with suppliers and previous travelers is also key.

You will be happy when you have a company that offers support and a professional at the office that will be there to support even when things don’t go as planned or if there is a hitch. 

We would love to take you through “The land of 1000 hills”- Rwanda and the “Pearl of Africa”-Uganda. We have trusted relationships with suppliers like lodges and camps allowing us to offer some of the best rates. Let our experienced consultants plan your next Rwanda or Uganda Safari.    

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