Want to enjoy low/Green season advantages? Seasons determine a lot when it comes to travel planning. You could have done research, read all the guide books you get your hands on, spent hours surfing the internet for your next vacation to Uganda or Rwanda. And most of read “the low season” is not favorable because it’s always in the rainy months.

Staring at your calendar, it is June, July, August, September or even friends or family say let us do Africa in December during the Christmas holidays which are peak months. But a lot of people travel in these months, it is tiresome to get tickets, lodges/hotels are booked to capacity and are expensive and you see all these forcing you to push to next year.

Well, worry not. One of the best times though not usually taken advantage of to Visit Uganda is the middle of winter.

This write up jots down some of the reasons to rethink low season travel to Uganda or Rwanda.

Optimal wildlife moments

Low season do not mean less wildlife in the fields. Low seasons are some of the prime times of the year to watch game. The grasslands are green, birth seasons begin and the plains are filled with adorable fawns, calves, cubs and foals creating opportunities to for predators to take on the action on the wildlife the spreads out on the fields.

For birders, migrant birds flock in to occupy the colorful residences in the countries and the season is phenomenal with sublime photography conditions.

Save money

High demand always causes increase in prices and vice vasa. Lodge and car hire rates are usually lower than the peak season. This puts put safari vacation dreams for most of the travellers in reach of their budgets. This also offer opportunity to have treats at some of the best luxury camps/lodges at the premium parks at slightly cheaper rates.  

Avoid crowds

In the peak seasons for example December, the parks and lodges are always jam-packed. The fact that it is when most have time to travel and even domestic tourists join for the tour of the countries. During the low season, there are fewer people at lodges/camps and there are no long line ups of vehicles on game drives to surround wildlife or congest the lodge dining area.

Beat the heat

If you don’t cope with the heat, travelling during the green/low season is a relief as the drier months come along with intense heat. The low season usually is seasoned with down pours which are always brief and after the sun is bright because you are experiencing a tropical climate. The season offers a weather and temperature balance for a perfect safari/game viewing.

Don’t be drawn back because of the write ups about how the low/ green season is not favorable. Enjoy less crowded experiences, benefit from discounts, and watch the green fields filled with young wildlife.

Country Low season
Uganda and Rwanda October to December and March to May

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