There are a number of way too travel around East Africa and Africa at Large. Each of these has pros and cons. Some back pack and use public transport, some do self-drives, some join bigger groups (over landers) and some choose guided tours. When we mention group tours, we don’t mean the over landers or joining a group at a particular site, they are a great introduction to Africa when you are unsure of what to expect. But our focus is on small groups (family, friends and acquaintances) and for multi-days. These will bring fun to you since you are a group of travelers that understand each other and sharing moments together.

Even if with some negatives like denying you privacy or encountering people with different personalities in a group, we single out the benefits. In this article, we pick some of the benefits of group tours/safaris.

  1. Convenience

This is the biggest bonus of going on group tours because you literally show up and have a wonderful time. Everything is planned for you. It maximizes your time and it is always caters for accommodation, private transport, most meals, tons of activities and you have a group of friends to share the experiences with. You will look at the sun go down and you can comment with your friends.

No worries about planning, it is hassle free.

  1. It is easy on your wallet/cheap

I wish my trip could be more expensive”, No one has ever said this. When it comes to handing over your cash for a group tour, there is always less economic principles because the costs are always shared. The guiding, accommodation, and transport fees are shared amongst you and your buddies. Also, when service providers have groups, it is easy to negotiate for discounted rates which you cannot get yourself. It save you a lot of cash when travel in a group.

  1. It is never boring

Traveling alone can be rewarding but it is daunting and lonely. While on a group tour, you have friends, sometimes family and acquaintances. It is easy to grow the bond, learn more about each other, crack inside jokes about everything, and create shared memories. In case you join a group of travelers you haven’t met before, it is a chance to create new friends

  1. New Opinions and perspectives

When you join a group with well-travelled people, it is an avenue to learn from their experiences and perspectives. It will help you understand people from different backgrounds, their behaviors, and ways of handling situations.   

It is an amazing experience to travel in a group so today you can join a group, or book a group tour for you and your friends or family.  

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