Three of Uganda’s 4 savanna parks (Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Murchison Falls national parks) have intricate water systems that are part of the ecosystems at the parks. Aboard boats, travelers can explore these wild areas in a relaxed way out of the safari vehicles. Boat safaris in Uganda are completely different way and offer a different perspective of African safaris with some of the most beautiful sunsets Uganda has to offer.

Our Safaris include going out on boat safaris either in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings to explore the aquatic wildlife and the big game wildlife that come by these water systems to beat the heat and quench their thirst. Boat safaris are done differently in Africa, in some countries travelers are engaged in canoe boat safaris or motorized boat safaris. The risks of using canoes on boat safaris in Uganda are not taken, and only motorized boats are used for boat safaris. These don’t make you work hard peddling, you have to lie back and watch what the aquatic life has to offer.

As you float on either a lake or river, the bushes on the banks burst with sights of neatly woven nests by the weaver birds, and flashing colors of different birds, families of elephants, schools of hippos, the herd of buffaloes, crocodiles, among others.

Where to do boat safaris in Uganda.

  1. Kazinga channel

The 40km long and 8m deep natural channel connecting two lakes, George and Edward. It is a significant attraction in Queen Elizabeth National park and is famous for its large concentration of hippos. The banks of the channel attract numbers of wildlife from Elephants, buffaloes, birds, crocodiles, hippos, that congregate here in the afternoon when the other parts of the park are hot during the dry season. They meet here as they beat the heat and drink.

This makes a boat safari on this channel one of the most rewarding boat safaris in Uganda. Our trips to Queen Elizabeth national park always incorporate the afternoon boat safaris on the Kazinga Channel.

  1. Murchison Falls national park

Murchison Falls National Park is named after the powerful waterfalls created where the Nile River meets its greatest obstacle the 6m gorge where it forces its self to plunge from 45m. The Nile River bisects the park before joining Lake Albert and continuing its Journey North. The river is important to the wildlife that survives in the park as it is a permanent source of life/water.

Boat trips at the park, start from Paara and they go either way, upstream to the bottom of the falls or downstream to the Delta. A 3-hour return boat trip goes past an array of wildlife to the east docking at a rock bay meters from the gushing waterfalls. The launch cruise offers excellent views of hippos, crocodiles, herons, waterbucks, Egyptian geese, and other wildlife by the river banks. On the other hand, the 20km voyage to the Delta where the Nile River joins Lake Albert favors mostly bird watchers because of its chances of seeing the Shoebill. Other than the birdlife, the Delta cruise is not as worth it as the one to the bottom of the falls. But it has one of the most beautiful sunsets if taken during the evening.

  1. Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is surrounded by 13 lakes and 5 of these are at the boundaries with the park. Lake Mburo is the main one and the tranquil 2-hour voyages start from the jetty and go along the eastern banks of the lake. The boat safari is an addition to the beautiful scenery and other activities like drives, walks, biking, and horseback safaris offering sighting of the life that is usually not seen during these activities. Sightings of animals like hippos, buffaloes, Nile crocodiles, among others, water birds like the African Fish eagle, Giant Kingfisher, African Finfoot, egrets, and herons.   

On other lakes like Victoria, Bunyonyi, and Mutanda which are safer from wild animals, a traveler can explore with motorized boats or choose to flex their muscles than being mere passengers. They can engage in canoe cruises and get to peddle as they cruise.  

Boat safaris are another lovely way to go on safari. Floating gently on the water watching wildlife as it comes to the water while sited. Watch the hippos splash the waters and crocs swim.


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