The idea to have the regional East Africa Tourist Visa, was to make it easy and more attractive (financially) for tourists who would like to visit the whole region. This made tourists able to visit the three countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with just one Visa. However, when travelers attain this Visa and go outside these countries, the visa expires.

Traveling to these countries without an East Africa Tourist Visa, you may spend a minimum of 150 USD: Kenya USD 50 + USD 50 for Uganda + Rwanda USD 50. These are for a single entry visa usually lasting for 30 days. This means a return to a country will require you to purchase a new visa. The East Africa Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa (within the 3 countries) and it is valid for 90 days provided you don’t move out of the countries where it applies.

How to Apply.

Foreign tourists who want to visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya simultaneously can obtain the visa at immigration offices of the respective countries or online portals where applicable. The application can be made manually at the immigration office by filling the EATV Form 1. This is done prior to the intended date or upon arrival at an entry point into Kenya, Uganda, or Rwanda.

The application for the visa (after submitting the forms) is accompanied by a fee of 100 USD.

For Uganda and Kenya, you can obtain a visa upon arrival. For the case of Rwanda, you can obtain it via the Rwanda Immigration Website but make sure you choose the option for East Africa Tourist Visa.


  • A complete filled East African Tourist Visa Application Form
  • One colored passport-size photo that is attached to the form.
  • An application letter (for visa) addressed to the issuing authority of any of the three countries depending on your starting point.

Sometimes at the borders, they may request or insist to provide an itinerary providing onward travel in East Africa. This may not be a requirement but we recommend you to carry one as it is proof (supporting document) and they may deny you the East Africa Tourist Visa for a single entry tourist visa.

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