Family Safaris In Uganda


East Africa is one of the best places where one can have a family safari that will offer activities that are perfect for everyone: mom and dad, grandparents, teenagers, and children from as young as 0-12 years. The variety of activities gives us a rich setting to create packages that offer a wonderful way for all family members (young and old) to learn about nature, encounter different cultures, and see wildlife in its natural setting in Uganda and Rwanda.

With more and more families going for safaris in Africa and the globalization and promoted content children have got exposed and would want also to see these animals away from the TV. Also as parents, we can imagine the worry you go through leaving children behind as you go away for weeks on a safari. Sharing and adventure with them create lasting family memories that are combined with education, cross-culture meetings, study about the wildlife that at times is not present back in your home country.

We are aware traveling with children, teenagers, adult children (18+), or a generation family is tricky because of the different tastes and some activities do not engage children below the age of 15 for example gorilla and chimpanzee tracking. This becomes our task as operators to create itineraries and explain what each one can engage in depending on their different ages to meet their tastes so that the whole family can get the most out of a safari.

We name some of the places that are family-friendly for safaris in Uganda that will not get your children and you bored.

National Parks

Uganda’s national parks are great spaces for family safaris. Uganda Wildlife Authority (the body that manages parks) has set prices for all ages to access its parks and it considers children to be persons between 5-15 years. These pay at least 40% lower than the adult fees and those below 5 years are exempt from paying. Families can engage in game drives, boat cruises, nature walks at parks like Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Kidepo Valley national parks where they encounter animals like Hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, lions, leopards, zebras, among others. The forest parks of Bwindi Impenetrable and Kibale forest, harbor primates, and persons below 15 years are not allowed to track either chimpanzees or gorillas but can opt for either nature walks or other activities. 

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa is a perfect place to break the drive to and from Murchison Falls National park. The sanctuary offers an excellent experience of tracking Rhinos on foot. Armed rangers and guides at the 7000-hectare sanctuary lead guests to a close encounter with these vulnerable animals close to 30 feet. This is an adventurous walk for both children and adults. The rhino trek has made Ziwa a favorite for many families on safaris in Uganda. 

Jinja- (River Nile)

Jinja is an adventure capital and it offers extreme water and adventurous activities. These include Quad biking, rafting, tubing, river boarding, and bungee jumping: activities that are exhilarating. These may be so extreme for children or the elderly while they are being done on the violent rapids, but there are provisions on the calm waters where tourists can do flat tubing, floating trips in rafts, and boat cruises that are engaging for all ages.


African communities are children-centered. Visiting communities and walks with the locals give children a learning experience and cross-cultural exchanges.

Ngamba Island

The children can’t track chimpanzees if they are below 15 years but Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary gives everyone a chance to spend a day or half a day at the sanctuary and enjoy watching and feeding chimpanzees. The island is about an hour from the Entebbe on Lake Victoria. The project is led by the Jane Goodall institute and each thousand visit the island to see chimpanzees.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

UWEC, popularly known as “Entebbe Zoo” was opened in 1952 as a reception for animals that were found as causalities or victims of trafficking and other illegal wildlife activities. It offers an experience that is beyond just seeing and learning about animals because of its engaging activities for both adults and juniors. These include forest trails, keeper experiences, behind-the-scenes experiences, and just ordinary visits.

Families are different in sizes and ages, we would like to cater for every member from the toddlers, active teens, and grandparents tagging along. This is why we recommend giving us enough information about everyone like diet, health, age, and interest when planning for a family safari. This helps us balance and have something for everyone on a single trip. This will give you quality time together and bond over common activities without being bored.

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