Experience game viewing from heights

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta may take the award for the World’s largest gathering of hot air balloons, with all the colorful balloons that fill the sky in completion of who will cover the longest distance. But in Uganda, hot air balloons safaris are a very adventurous way to experience game viewing other than the traditional game drives.

Balloon safaris were initially in the two parks of Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national park in 2014 and 2011 respectively, but today guests can only experience this activity at Murchison falls national park. Balloons are operated by a pilot with an experience of over 1000 hours flying and staff that is regulated by the Egyptian and Ugandan Civil Aviation Authorities.

Medium balloons that accommodate 8 passengers are used, and an average of 6 are required to serve the economy of the balloon though there are no restrictions on the minimum number of passengers for it to be served. However, there are projections to introduce balloons that accommodate 2-4 people and the ones that accommodate 12-16 passengers because of the growth in demand for the activity.

The Experience

Guests who are to engage in the activity are expected to arrive at the departure areas before 6 am. They are transported to the area by the driver guides and as the inflation process goes on, you enjoy the wild side. After the takeoff guests are briefed on the safety practices and by 6.15 am the flight starts.

The safari offers a unique experience to watch game from a wider and aerial spectrum. The balloon can fly up to 10000ft but usually, you fly low at about 780m to have clear views and it takes about an hour to 2 hours. After landing, the participants are given certificates, and depending on the location of landing they do a mini drive through the park as they go for bush breakfast.

Visitors can also engage in sunset flights that start at 4 pm and end at 6.30 pm. The safari is an alternative to experience viewing animals from above, an opportunity for aerial photography, and also a chance to view the animals that cannot be seen while on the tracks.

The cost

The activity costs depend on the needs a choice of a client. A flight with bush breakfast costs 380 USD, and 300 USD without breakfast. Children of 12 years and below receive a 50% discount and those who would like to use the balloon solely for events like wedding proposals, VIP guests, and photography pay 2000 USD.

The activity requires booking in advance to get a slot. You can arrange that adventure and game watching from the skies through us. Contact us