A lot of things make a safari. When planning a safari, you consider where you want to go, affordability, type of travel, accommodation, transport, among other many things. Most travelers like traveling private but they usually tell us “I would join a group if it saves money”. Group tours may save money, be fun, you meet new people, make friends, but you are not in control of your safari. Private safaris give travelers the power to choose and they can also be full of fun.

Here are some reasons for a private safari.

You choose what you want to do. 

Travelers have different motives and interests while opting to go for safaris (accommodation, favorite animals, and activities). In a group, you are different people, with a lot of all these and this will cause a conflict of interest on what to see and do. You may all be on a game drive as mentioned in the itinerary but one may want to stick and photograph that elephant family and you would like to follow a lion pride. In the end, one party ends up being disappointed because of different priorities. Private safaris eliminate all this.

 Private safaris begin and end with the dates you give us.

At your place of work, you might have a few weeks or just days for a break and the group safari of your favorite doesn’t favor you. It is either going before or after your break, which means you can’t join in. For private tours you choose and set your dates, though they may change during some seasons, you can adjust for example in the high seasons when you want a safari with gorillas, the availability of permits may alter with the dates.

You don’t miss on activities that engage few people

Some activities like Gorilla and chimpanzee habituation or experiential tours include a few guests (4 per session or some less). If you are a bigger group, you may fail to experience these but it is possible with a private safari.  

Fewer risks of Cancellation. 

Group tours are always costed considering the number of people. Lack of participation in the tour may lead to cancellation of the tour/safari or an increase in the cost of the safari from the normal one. This is not the case with private safaris.

You celebrate special moments.

Private safaris can include other experiences, adds-on, detours, and upgrades. You can enjoy private candle-lit dinners to celebrate your anniversary, special birthday treats, and other special days. Which may not be possible with groups.

You will have your guide by yourself.

Guides make trips memorable. They take you off the mainstream safari areas to special places for those sundowners, share their knowledge, and keep you safe. Having them on a private tour creates a special bond and feels like you have known them all your life (they know you by name, treat you like a friend). Imagine sitting at the back of a 32 seater bus with one guide, he may not even remember your name, or you barely hear what he is saying.  

Group tours are fun if it a small group of people who know one another, like workmates, family, or students.

If you are thinking of a private safari to Uganda or Rwanda, don’t be bothered by deciding whether to join a group or going private. Contact our team of consultants. They will know more about you and your interests and will craft for you an affordable and perfect private safari.

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