Sport Fishing In Uganda


Uganda is famous for wildlife safaris when it comes to travel for nature. It is located between the western and eastern arm of the East African Rift Valley and one-third of the country is covered by water. It shares Africa’s biggest lake (L. Victoria) with Tanzania and Kenya, it has the source of the world’s longest river (R. Nile) and other lakes like Kyoga, Edward, George, Mburo, among others that create an ideal opportunity for anglers to engage in sport fishing in Uganda. Sport fishing is a fun and enjoyable recreation at a major spot detailed here.

It is a very engaging and way to spend time on these water masses in the pearl of Africa. Uganda has 354 fish species which include Nile Perch, Tilapia, catfish, Lungfish, Rastrinabola among others. Fishing on these bodies is guided by conservation rules which why after every catch, you record your measurements and then let the fish back into the lake or river. These rules and guidelines are always informed to participants by the guides and service providers.

Some of the famous spots for sport fishing in Uganda include,

Murchison Falls National Park

Avid anglers can be rewarded with catches of a variety of species from the Nile perch, catfish among others. Try your luck to beat the standing record of the heaviest catch of the Nile perch which is at 113kg. The sport mainly takes place at the bottom of the falls and can be accessed by a boat to the bottom or a slope from the top of the falls on the Bakers trail. Guides from Uganda Wildlife Authority are always available to lad anglers to fishing spots and also Wild Frontiers has a fishing concession at the park and offers private fishing tours. Famous anglers have been here for sport fishing. 

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the second world’s largest freshwater body lake. It is fed by the Kagera River from Rwanda and its major is the Nile River that flows north and pours in the Mediterranean Sea. During its course, the Nile River meets its largest obstacle on the Victoria Nile section in Murchison Falls National park where it forces its self into a 7m gorge falling from a 45m high cliff. Below is where fishing in Murchison Falls N.P takes place.

Fishing on Lake Victoria can take place throughout the year and there are opportunities for Nile Perch catches weighing 80-150kgs. There are different fishing sites and local islands about 45 minutes cruise from the mainland where visitors can go fishing.

Lake Mburo

Tilapia is the most common of the 6 species of fish in Lake Mburo. A spot was designated at Mazinga for the sport. Visitors who intend to participate in the activity are advised to carry their own fishing equipment and acquire permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

What to Carry

Nile perch and Catfish are usually caught using the casting lures and live bait methods. These are used with a hook and cast into the water body. Pro anglers can come with their own equipment like Hooks, Lines, Rods, Reels, Baits, and Lures among others, however, we can arrange for equipment at a cost and in case of lost or broken equipment, it is paid for before disembarking.

Travelers can also choose to do fishing with the locals using local means like casting nets with float and weights. But this needs prior arrangement for the activity as it is risky.

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