White Water Rafting


You have seen thrilling rollercoasters or even been on one. The unexpected twists, sharp turns, steep drops, and then the ability to still rearrange. Well, if you are a thrill/ adventure seeker and you want to challenge yourself, Mother Nature has gifted Uganda with the same rollercoaster experience but now not on the roller- white water rafting. This happens on the rapids and white waters of the world’s longest river –the Nile.

It is not being cocky but we claim the Nile River is the most spectacular destination for river activities in the East African region and the world. A rafting trip to Jinja combined with other activities can easily be your highlight. The thrills and spills of the Grade 4 or Grade 5 rapids will fill your expectations. The rapids have a high intensity but most of the visitors who engage in the activity are most of the times first-timers. It is a perfect way to try something different and unusual for a safari to Uganda.

The biggest adventure that will appear when your search engine returns your results for adventures in Uganda, will be gorilla tracking in the impenetrable forest of Bwindi. It is like a Niche and many are always determined to take on the heights into the forest with hopes to watch mountain gorillas but heading east to the source of the Nile River is spontaneous.

A lot of adventure activities take place on the Nile River, from Bungee jumping- the scariest, Tandem Kayaking, River boarding, Tubing, Floating trips, Grade 1,2 &3 rafting, Grade 4 and all these are exhilarating but nothing compares to Grade 5 rafting.

The experience.

It can be done for a full day or half-day. No one can explain the experience of this activity but we can try to give a highlight of what is like.

The big Volumes of water hitting your raft are wild, exciting, and safe. The Nile River makes a perfect playground, expert team of well trained, experience but all in all well-qualified guides will lead you for the full fun on the white waters. The experience is through 8 major rapids.

It covers about 19kms of the Nile starting with calm and flat waters for a few kilometers. Before, the guide will brief you about how you will have to stay safe. You will then run through the grade 2 and 3 and the time you get to grade 4 and 5 you will be like a pro-rafter. Before hitting the biggest waves of grades 4 and 5 you will have refreshments and then experience the flat waters after Itanda Falls to the bottom of the “Bad Place” and the Itanda hole. After the whole, you have lunch, cold Nile beers, and return to Kampala.

If you have any medical conditions like asthma please inform us in advance because and average physical health is required.

The minimum age is 14 years for grade 3 and 16 years for grade 5.

The Nile River never disappoints and you will have your experience of commercial suicide in a washing machine. Am joking. But the enormous and furious waves crash you from every direction and in the pictures, it resembles the inside of a washing machine in overdrive.

Despite the beginner’s nerves, you will enjoy the activity.   

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