They (Mountain Gorillas) don’t survive in areas below the 2000m above sea level and mostly that why it’s hard to find them in zoos. Since they survive in the wild and lush forest of Eastern and central Africa, trekking into the jungles is the only way one can have a peek at these gentle giants.

The one hour spent in the silence under the tall trees and the thick bush covering the ground is one of the 60 minutes one can write as the beautifully spent time of his or her life. Fewer than 2000 individuals of these species survive only in 3 African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and D.R Congo and its only here that one gets an opportunity to be part of an 8 people group that visit a gorilla family on a daily to experience the interaction with these mysterious apes.

Most travelers’ dream of having an eye to eye interaction with these apes as they plan their travel down to Africa and it’s not only the adults but also the children because they relate to them in movies like King Kong, Gorillas in the Mist, Mountain Gorilla, and Virunga among others.  

One must endure the challenging terrains of the hills and the rolling volcanic slopes in the parks where these apes exist. It is hard work and endurance to reach the gorillas as it includes navigating through the thick forest and some people mostly the weak, faint hearted elderly and unexperienced hikers they can’t. 

Gorilla tracking has rules that one must follow in order to be deemed a tracker and these are environmental, and conservational for the wellness of the apes and continued conservation. Some of these rules indicate who is eligible to track the mountain gorillas and one to track must,

  1. Be of good health mostly free from cold and flu as these can be transmitted to the gorillas since they have a DNA almost similar to that of humans at 98 percent.
  2. One must be above the age of 15 years so if you are planning a gorilla tracking trip, the children below the age of 15 can opt for other activities the parks have to offer.
  3. And of course a traveler with a valid gorilla tracking permit can track the gorillas.

The elderly and the physically unable can also do the tracking and you may wonder how one can get to 3000m on a wheel chair or when they can walk a kilometer but they too can.

At the park offices, the unfit and the elderly can hire potters who use sedan chairs with handles and can be lifted by 4 men at a time and also the locally made bamboo stretchers. These potters know the terrain of the park and you can never worry about your safety. The service cost about an extra 350USD. So you never have to worry about your inability, being unfit all these can’t stop you from enjoying the wild moment.

Now you know who can track gorillas and hope this information can help you plan your gorilla tracking safari to either Rwanda or Uganda.   

Rwanda Gorilla trekking