Rwanda is one of Africa’s fast-rising countries in terms of tourism growth. For a land-locked country that has faced a social collapse over 2 decades ago of the 1994 genocide, a brawl that was hard to get over to be transforming so quickly and attract such luxury investment in a delicate sector is amazing. There are many reasons you should go for a safari in Rwanda and every dollar, every hour, spent on that jeep or plane to Rwanda is worth it to experience the wildlife, people, history, geography, and sights of Rwanda.

Rwanda is a country well suited for active visitors because it is hilly and most of its attractions and destination like Volcanoes National park and Nyungwe National Park entail forest hikes. It is suited for couples, solo travelers who have a moderate fitness level however there are also provisions for the elderly and physically unable (stretcher services). Rwanda is not more of a family-friendly destination because its most popular activities (gorilla and chimpanzee tracking) are off-limit for children below the age of 15 but still, you can visit with children. 

The country is one of the easiest and most accessible destinations because of its size (which makes it quite simple to engage) and its parks are just a few hours from the capital-Kigali. For example, being in Kigali, you are just 2 hours away from the legendary Volcanoes National park that is home to Rwanda’s major drawcard for many tourists-Mountain gorillas. Rwanda also combines well with other East African countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. This makes it easy to combine a safari to one of the above countries with a safari to Rwanda.

Rwanda has only one Savannah Park but it has more green and hilly terrain that meets the travelers’ eye. It offers some of the best primate (gorilla, chimpanzee, and golden monkey) watching experiences and bird watching. While gorilla tracking is a major drawcard for most tourists, the “Land of a Thousand Hills” has a lot more besides these forest giants.

Down from the bamboo-covered slopes, east of Kigali, the Akagera National park is a biodiversity-rich savannah setting. The park is unique from most of East Africa’s park with a swamp and is almost unrecognizable compared to 2 decades ago after its past was revived. It is one of the largest wetlands with refuge for savanna-adapted species in Rwanda. After its’ revival, the park now offers a big five experience after the reintroduction of lions and rhinos.

The forest parks of Volcanoes, Gishwati-Mukura, and Nyungwe have a variety of starling wildlife and most primates. Volcanoes National park beside, mountain gorillas, protect troops off the adorable golden monkeys, holds the burial grounds of the former and renowned primatologist Dian Fossey and on the fringes of the park is the Iby’iwachu cultural center that offers insight into the culture and history of Rwanda. Nyungwe on the other hand protects a pristine rainforest that supports 13 primate species that include a community of habituated chimpanzees, monkeys, and over 300 bird species.

Lake Kivu is part of the series of Africa’s great lakes and is a gorgeous expanse body of water surrounded by Rwanda’s rolling hills. It is a great place for relaxation after gorilla or chimpanzee tracking. Tourists can also engage in boat cruises, canoeing, sport fishing, kayaking, and swimming while here.

The country has several museums, which include the Kigali Genocide Memorial. A visit to any of the museums like the Kings Place Museum in Nyanza or the National Museum in Huye and a city tour in Kigali allows travelers to learn and discuss the past and the present of Rwanda.

Visiting Rwanda is an incredible impression you shouldn’t beat about when it crosses your mind. However, Rwanda has limited options for budget travelers because of the low-volume, high-cost tourism strategy. This has made some activities expensive for example the price of gorilla tracking is twice the price in Uganda, but other activities are somewhat affordable like volcano hiking, chimpanzee tracking, cruise, city tours, canopy walk, and eating out is inexpensive.

Choose your favorite place and reason for safari in Rwanda and let us craft it for you and cruise through the land of 1000 hills.

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