Away from the traditional ways of doing safaris, game drive, walking, and boat safaris, In Uganda’s smallest savanna park-Lake Mburo N.P, tourists can engage in Horseback safaris. A horseback safari is, without doubt, the most amazing and exciting adventure to take on while on a Ugandan Safari though they are not famous. They are completely all-encompassing and unique experiences that offer a glimpse at the tranquil wildlife of Lake Mburo National park.

Horseback safaris are not common in Africa and Uganda-Lake Mburo National Park, only Mihingo Lodge offers the safaris to guests (In house and outhouse). Experienced guides who know the wildlife at the park, take care, and know the horses lead the guests on these safaris. Horseback safaris are one of the responsible travel ways where you get to see wildlife without the noise of the engine, less pollution, and of course a different feel of nature.

Horseback safaris give visitors a chance to have an up-close with animals and even see the timidest animals without them hiding. The rides go off track past a mixture of grazers like zebras, impalas, elands, giraffes, topi, warthogs, duikers, waterbucks, and bushbucks among others.

The safaris are carefully arranged according to the abilities of the riders. Usually, beginners and inexperienced riders are not allowed to ride but they can engage in other activities like walking safaris while at the park. The rides are charged hourly and for a better experience of the park, a 4-5 hours ride is better. It takes riders to the grassy hill-Warukiri that has a spectacular view of the 9/12 lakes that surround Lake Mburo, National Park.

Lake Mburo National park is underrated, because of its low count on the Big 5 and predators (Leopards here are hard to see and the sighting of the 1 lion in the park is a lucky one), but horse rides give a completely different feeling to those that engage in about the park.

When you are imagining or planning a safari to Uganda, don’t only conjure up visions of land cruisers or vans across the savanna plains, gorilla or chimpanzee tracking or hot air balloons over herds of buffaloes and elephants in Murchison falls, but hooves thundering and the heavily breathing horse across the short grass and acacia in Lake Mburo National park.

You will explore the wild in a “greener” way, and you won’t be a mere observer of wildlife, but you will experience the circle of its life truly.

Guests can also ride along the River Nile while in Jinja.

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