SSEZIBWA FALLS- A natural and cultural heritage site.

SSEZIBWA FALLS- A natural and cultural heritage site.

35km from Uganda’s capital- Kampala, is Ssezibwa Falls, a cultural heritage site that is owned by the Buganda Kingdom. It is located in Mukono district before Jinja and Mabira Forest as you drive to the Eastern part of Uganda. A river that squeezes its self through the rocks only to plunge 17m into the pool below forms the falls.

The site is scenic, lush, and green. A visit to the Ssezibwa Falls gives insight into the history, myths, and culture of the Baganda. Former Kings like Kabaka Mwanga II used to enjoy the serenity here and also come to seek blessing and good health. In 2002, the sitting King of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II officially opened the site. A traditional healer at the site performs rituals for those seeking children, love, success, and good harvests.

The river split into two and local (Baganda) regard it to a legend of a woman (Nakangu) that gave birth to two sons and they turned into the rivers. After the birth of twins, people come here to make sacrifices. The environment here is serene and green and it attracts a lot of visitors mostly locals (domestic) and those interested in culture. To do at Ssezibwa Falls Includes:

Culture tour and experience

Site guides welcome guests and brief them about the site. It is cultural and visitors should respect what is on site. A short round walk will take you past the Ssezibwa Falls Resort, bamboo plantation, the eucalyptus forest to the rocky area where the shrines are located. Here are different colored cloth and this is where locals perform their cultural rituals and worship their gods. Crossing the river, it was a custom for the Baganda to first throw stones or grass in the river for good luck.

On the opposite side is a site run by the Church of Uganda and Christians visit and pray from here, usually on Fridays. The area is a connection of nature, culture, and religion.


Bird watchers visit the site to tick some birds off their checklist. The natural forested area has over 50 bird species and below the falls as the river flows, there is a spot famous for the African Finfoot sighting. Other species here include the Long-tailed cormorant, Blue-spotted wood dove, Osprey, Dark capped bulbul, Ross’ Turaco, Flycatchers, among others.

Nature walks

Guests who would like to go off the beaten track can follow the course of the river and branch of to the dense forest. The walk meets the road outside the entrance. It is a short one but rewarding.

The Ssezibwa Falls Resort offers accommodation and lunch treats to the guests who would want to have lunch from here or overnight stays. Those who would like to camp, can pitch a tent here and sleep under the starlit sky.

Note: “Kabaka” is a title for a King in Buganda.

On your way to the East, Jinja, Sipi Falls or Kidepo valley, you can have an hour via the site before continuing.

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