Entebbe town is located in the south of the central part of Uganda 35km from Kampala, the capital of Uganda at the Lake Victoria peninsula. It was founded in 1893 as a military post and served as a British Administrative centre of Uganda until 1958.  The town is now a residential centre for government officials and other elite people and is not heavily populated. It also hosts the state house. It is, however, a main hub for those entering and exiting Uganda as it also hosts Uganda’s only international airport- Entebbe International Airport (EBB). It also has steamship connection to Kenya, Tanzania, and other parts of Uganda across Lake Victoria. Being a gate way to Uganda, travellers usually spend time here before they fly out or before executing their purpose of visit to Uganda. In here are some of the top things to do in Entebbe, Uganda if you have the time to.

Boat cruises on Lake Victoria

This is one of the relaxing and restful ways to end your business in Uganda. Enjoy a sunset cruise for about 2 hours or a long cruise to Ssese islands across Africa’s biggest tropical lake. Enjoy taking pictures of the sun as it goes down, fishermen as they cast their nets, water birds, and the breeze. You can inform us in case you want this as an add-on before you exit and we arrange for it.

Visit Ngamba Island

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary at Ngamba Island, has become a popular add-on to Uganda safaris. Guests enjoy an interactive experience watching and feeding chimpanzees at the specific feeding times. The chimpanzees here are rescued from illegal wildlife activities. Guests can enjoy full or half day visits to the sanctuary. A trip to the island is by a motorized canoes or a speed boat.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

UWEC, popularly known as “Entebbe Zoo” was opened in 1952 as a reception for animals that were found as causalities or victims of trafficking and other illegal wildlife activities. It offers an experience that is beyond just seeing and learning about animals because of its engaging activities for both adults and juniors. These include forest trails, keeper experiences, behind-the-scenes experiences, and just ordinary visits.

Fishing on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria and its islands offer some of the best fishing (sport fishing) opportunities. Try your chances of catching a giant Nile perch of about 80 plus kilograms, Tilapia or other fresh water fish. Pro anglers can the fishing either on boat or the shore depending on your likes. Also, depending on your time plan, you can do all day or a half day fishing safari. For who love the sport, you can arrange and fly in for several days of fishing and guides will take you to the island locations for some of the best spots they know. 

Visit Mabamba Swamp

Mabamba swamp is a Ramsar site and an important birding area (IBA) in Uganda. The swamp is about an hour and a half from Entebbe by boat and is famous for the sightings of the Shoebill. The shoebill is one of Uganda’s most sought after bird and it’s not a common bird. Those who would want to watch it will have to take a boat ride on water trails at the bay with a site guide. The search takes about 3 hours but it is rewarding with different water birds.  

Reptile Village

Reptiles are not easily seen while on safari because of the common nature of safaris (more of driving than walking). Uganda Reptile Village gives a chance to get up-close to some of the world’s famous snakes like the Mambas, Puff adders, cobras, and vipers. Also crocodiles, lizards, tortoises, and chameleons that are rescued from around or in communities have been put here for their safety and community safety. The village is about 20 minutes’ drive from Entebbe town and 3km off Entebbe-Kampala road before Abaita Ababiri.      

Tour the Entebbe Botanical gardens

If you would like time out of your hotel room to an area with a calm and tree environment, this is the best place while in Entebbe. You will love the plant life, monkeys, birds, and the greenery. For birders, it is a great introductory place for Uganda’s birdlife as it has a variety including water birds, forest birds among others. Enjoy a leisurely walk, at the gardens, watch some birds, tropical plants, primates, and the lake breeze.

Visit the Beaches

Uganda is a land locked country but the shores of Lake Victoria have sand that is deposited by erosion created by the waves. The shores have been further developed and more sand added to create the sand feel though it not a beauty and extensive like in Zanzibar or Mombasa but you can relax from here. They are always quite during the week days and it is during the weekends and holidays when they come alive with a number of Ugandans flooding here to swim and relax.  We don’t recommend swimming due to risks of contracting Bilharzia.

Entebbe Bicycle tour

Have an easy way to fill your free time as you await your flight. Take a ride through the communities, visit Entebbe Botanical gardens, the reptile village, meet locals, and try the street food with your guide as you ride through Entebbe. The 2-4hrs ride will give you an insight of the town and Uganda at large. Uganda doesn’t have designated ride ways for cyclist so it is adventure to ride on roads that are busy or off road to brownmatt roads.

So don’t be bored while in Entebbe try out something we believe it will be worth.

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